For the very first time in France, Christopher Vogler - one of the greatest and most respected expert on screenwriting and storytelling- is to give a unique Masterclass on the 29-30-31 ofOctober 2012 at the Lyon Convention Centre (Cité des Congrès de Lyon).
Christopher Vogler lives and works in Los Angeles and comes into regular contact with the greatest filmmakers of our time. His work has had a major influence on the latest generation of American directors and screenwriters. Thousands of storytelling professionals and students have read his books - now best-sellers.
With this in mind and in partnership with the CCI of Lyon and Europe, we decided to call on this widely acclaimed "script doctor" and ask him to come and share with us "The Writer's Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers" - an indispensable work of reference Vogler wrote and an absolute must-read for anyone who works or means to work in storytelling and screenwriting.

Chris Vogler's work is based Joseph Campbell findings - one of his university teacher - and more particularly on his book "The Hero With a Thousand Faces". Campbell amazing work shows that every myth, fairytale and story is built on the same structure. From this theory, Vogler drew a set of essential rules concerning storytelling and more specifically narrative screenwriting.

In the USA, writing skills - just as acting - come from the study of fully tried and tested basis and structures. The evident success of the American TV and movie industries supports the research and progress that have been made in this field and pushes it forward.
Of course the idea is not for us to systematically "remake" or reuse American ideas - every pathetic attempts from the French audiovisual industry to do so - especially in TV series - proved to be quite disappointing (Rapport Chevalier - 2010). On the contrary, the goal is to provide our cultural identity with the means of success it needs and deserves..
I know that Vogler will give essential keys to every screenwriter, author and actor. These are the people dealing everyday with the craft of storytelling. Furthermore, I believe Vogler's approach will also help producers and basically every member of the theatre and cinema community. I advice cinema and performing arts students to attend this Marsterclass - they are tomorrow's authors and screenwriters. And because we want them to be able to afford and take this class, they are to benefit from a special student-rate.

Alexandre Astier himself attended Chris Vogler's Masterclass - just before starting Kaamelott - and has accepted to be patron of the event.

The Masterclass is organized in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lyon. It is co-financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and Europe as part of a European programme of regional cooperation for the Alpine Area. This Masterclass must be the first of many other. They will help to design and set up productive and successful writing and directing and acting training courses within the Rhône-Alpes region.

Lyon is one of Europe major cities in terms of creativity and innovation and has the means to host the great events within the Alpine area. Its influence gives us the opportunity to set up and develop an international pilot training course dedicated to screenwriting and storytelling available to any professional of the European Community.

Joëlle Sevilla
Acting Studio


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